1 week 3 the most reliable battle killer 4 defeat the emperor lost lore of shame must bear blame

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1 week 3 the most reliable battle killer 4 defeat the emperor lost lore of shame must bear blame Empty 1 week 3 the most reliable battle killer 4 defeat the emperor lost lore of shame must bear blame

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Miami Heat 96-99 home loss to Orlando. Reversed by opponents in this race 24 points, LeBron - James had 29 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks, but the proceeds of which 23 are divided into the first half. And at the last moment, and not into the third buried James equalized opportunity, this was his week, the fourth time in three games, missed a key vote.

Video - cheeky confused repeated again lost lore blacksmith emperor the nightmare continues tonight

Media Source: Sina Sports
War on the home of the Knicks Xianyinghoushu been reversed, the Heat are under great pressure from top to bottom, after all, in the eastern part of the Knicks is their rival, the same area today, but also usher in another old rival Magic, the Heat can play anything kind of performance will directly reflect the team under pressure. In an atmosphere of doubt and anxiety, the Heat shot a surprising start. From the opening start, James and Dwyane - Wade does not give the Magic any chance of the best power duo played kingly performance. Nike air max

Just look at half the data statistics, I believe most people will feel shocked, half James played 19 minutes, scored 8 of 9 from 23 points, plus 4 rebounds 4 assists 1 blocks. Wade shot 10 of 12 24 points, and 1 rebounds 3 assists 3 steals, 1 blocked shots. Both James and Wade had 47 points half the sum has been compared to magic more than the team's 45 points. Focus on the performance of the first half, James, 19 James, appeared in four minutes to play 2 +1, although two of them by the referee to be invalid, but can also be seen after James undergoes training, step back across the body and shot singles technology has increased, stability increases. The typical time is 2 minutes 50 seconds left in first quarter, James hit the right side of the back body by Heaton - Hedo Turkoglu, the two next steps after the turn to the inside of James flashed across the gap, but James's feet linked to each other, let him stagger fall, but the shot of the ball into the basket. Nike air max pas cher

Be mistaken for a perfect first half, the Heat will get a victory, but when you see the third quarter, the Heat is like a tragic comedy, like a huge gap variable. Especially James, who play today, even worse the second half Bi Weide, James a scoreless fourth quarter, Janeway combined add up to 2 minutes until the fourth quarter, which is why the Magic with 24 points to achieve reversal of reasons. As the team's two Lord, James is totally at the crucial moment today, as, watching their team humiliated at home by magic.

James is more distressing is the lore ability. James has lost a key on the ball, people questioned his superstar enough psychological level, in this game followed by James missed again, a ball can change the results of the competition. Replay the last 8 seconds to the fourth quarter, the Heat 96-99 behind the 3 points, and they have not suspended, can only bet on three-pointers. Mike - Miller pretend that made the bottom line, the direction of a suddenly transferred - Chris Bosh, Chris Bosh shot the ball though not in the third, but Miller grabbed the rebound and threw an outside courageously James. At this point there are not any defensive James, time, 4 seconds left, he had the opportunity to calmly shot, but the result was the ball hit the forefront of the pop-up basket, the Heat lost the last chance.

Once again, the opportunity came when James could not save his team. To know the last game, when James, the Knicks have two opportunities to end the game, but he was first blocked shots, one missed. Coincidentally, the Heat lost to the Bulls game last week, James is a waste of 12 seconds of the Heat comeback last chance, the final 89-93 loss to Chicago.

Within just a week, James missed three games in a key vote four times, had people questioning his ability and mental quality of the end game.


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